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Terms & Conditions

Made in Britain Terms & Conditions of entry

•    Entry does not guarantee publication of your story as you will be competing with others – only up to 101 stories can appear in our book.
•    The closing date of the competition is January 31 2013,although we reserve the right to accept entries after this date. However, you are urged to submit your entry as soon as possible as we will start reviewing entries before that.
•    Entrants must be UK residents and 18 or over.
•    The entries will be judged  on the following criteria :

  1. Credibility – your story must be believable to us and potential readers.
  2. Variety and Diversity – our final selection will attempt to cover as diverse a selection of stories as possible so those bearing too much resemblance to each other will not all be selected.
  3. Coherence and comprehensibility – entries must be coherently worded and reasonably easy for us to understand details and events.
  4. Originality – your entry must be your own experience not someone else’s.

•    You can enter anonymously if you would like your name to be kept confidential and we will provide you with a pen name. However we ourselves will require your real name and address for our records.
•    Unsuccessful entries may be kept on file and may be used for a second volume at 101 Books’ and the publishers’ discretion. This includes all content submitted including means any text, graphics, images, audio, video. By submitting material to us you accept the possibility of this. All content both published or otherwise which is retained by us will be on a royalty-free perpetual basis.
•    You can enter as many times as you like if you have enough stories to warrant it.  
•    The competition is being run by 101 Books of Isleworth, Middlesex.
•    Our decision is final on all matters and we will not enter into any further correspondence.
•    By entering, you agree to be bound by these rules in relation to the Made in Britaincompetition.

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